European M.D./Pharm.D., Ph.D. Conference 2018


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Reservations Until:20/06/2018 23:59
Starts on:29/06/2018 08:00
Ends on:01/07/2018 16:00


Welcome to the second part of your registration to the

European M.D./Pharm.D., Ph.D. conference 2018

This page summarizes all the key infos of the conference. If you want to offer your friends to attend, this is the one you should share!

Here, you will provide us your last details and perform your payment via PayPal, in order to complete your registration and receive your PDF tickets by email. If you have already registered once, you can access them here and download them again: My reservations.

 /!\ Heads up : if you are an AMPS member, double check that your are properly logged in so that the system can offer you your member discount. If you do not want to become a member, you still need to create a free account on the website to be able to register.


**3 prices +/- early career discount, 2 options:

Baseline price: 200 euros

AMPS member (check you are logged in) : 5 euros. The discount will be applied on next page, do not consider the 200 euros fare indicated on this page. Become a member of AMPS to benefit from this discount!

EMPA member: 75 euros. EMPA membership will be checked at conference entry.

Early career (Bachelor and Master stage or equivalent): -30 discount on picked price. Student ID will be requested at conference entry.

Dinner : + 20 euros

Accommodation for EMPA members: +100 euros


 **How this works:


Add to that 20 euros for the dinner and 100 euros for optional EMPA accomodation.


** Deadlines:

June 15th : deadline of abstract submission, for a poster (unlimited room) or a 15 minutes oral communication (limited room, selection by a scientific jury). 

We remind you that the best poster presenter and the best speaker designated by a scientific jury will be awarded with a special prize!

6th June Juin : deadline for EMPPC2018 registration

Before proceeding, make sure that you have already been through the first part of your registration.

If you haven done it already,

Come over here: 

--> Registration, Part 1 - Personal details and Abstract submission <--


Once you have provided us your details up there, you can go on and click on "Book Now" right underneath!

Heads up: do not worry about the section "enter your coupon here", which is optional..

150 euros discount applicable on next page for AMPS members, do not worry about the 200 or 170 euros fare indicated here.






Late career +/- AMPS membership
Late career with no membership OR late career with AMPS membership (150 discount on next page)
€ 200.00
Early career +/- AMPS membership
Early career with no membership OR early career with AMPS membership (150 discount on next page)
€ 170.00
Late career + EMPA membership
Late career with EMPA membership
€ 75.00
Early career + EMPA membership
Early career with EMPA membership
€ 45.00
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