Boris Barbour is a CNRS director of research working in neuroscience at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, where he is also currently Professeur attaché. His research interests range from synaptic biophysics to the function of neuronal networks. His group is currently investigating how algorithms for iterative motor learning might be implemented in the cerebellum. In addition to his research and teaching, he co-directs the Ecole de l'Inserm Liliane Bettencourt. In his spare time he helps co-organise the scientific discussion platform PubPeer.

Dr. Barbour will animate a workshop on Saturday, from 11h30 to 12h30:

Many researchers believe there is a crisis of reproducibility in science today. The workshop "Causes of unreliable research and approaches to improving research quality" will discuss some of the underlying causes of the crisis - the misinterpretation of even simple statistics, faulty experimental design, improper analysis, but also more questionable practices. A number of practical approaches to improving the replicability and accuracy of research will be presented.

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