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Travel to Strasbourg :


Located at the northeast of France in the Alsace region, at the German border and not too far away from Switzerland, Strasbourg can be easily accessed in several ways. 

By train

Strasbourg Central railway station is located in the town center and is well served by national, regional and international railway companies. The two main companies operating are namely SNCF (French railway) and Deutsche Bahn (German railway). To give an idea, Strasbourg is 2hr20min away from Paris by TGV Est Européen (high-speed rail), 1hr10min away from Basel (CH), and 2hrs away from Frankfurt am Main (DE). There are bus, tram and taxi connections available from the train station.





By airplane

Strasbourg International Airport (SXB) is located in Entzheim (south-west of Strasbourg) and served mainly by Air France and other international low-cost airline companies including Easyjet and Ryanair. There are direct flights from several international destinations such as London Gatwick and Amsterdam, please check their website for more information.


There are trains shuttling from Entzheim airport to Strasbourg central railway station located in town every 15-30 min, possibly with connections by tram if necessary.


Other options

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport (EAP) is around 1h10min away from Strasbourg central train station by train (you can also take a bus to Saint-Louis (FR) at the Swiss border then a train to Strasbourg). Many international airlines operate direct flights to EuroAirport, such as Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and low-cost companies such as Ryanair and Easyjet.



Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) in Germany is another alternative to travel to Strasbourg. You can ride a bus to Baden-Baden or Karlsruhe and board a train to Strasbourg for a 45min-1hr journey. FKB airport is served by several companies including Ryanair and Eurowings. 



Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is the closest airport mainly for intercontinental flights. Located in Frankfurt am Main, around 200km away from Strasbourg, it is mainly operated by Lufthansa. There is a Lufthansa Express bus shuttling regularly to Strasbourg, or you can board a train to Karlsruhe or Offenburg and change to Strasbourg. For more information, please check their website.



By car

Strasbourg can be accessed by different highways such as A4 (Paris, Luxembourg), A35 (Basel, Lyon), and A5 (Germany).

Once in Strasbourg :



You will most probably arrive in Strasbourg's station which is close enough from the hotel and the conference to go by foot (5-10 minutes).

a) To get to the Hotel (Hotel Ibis, Les ponts Couverts, 7 rue de Molsheim) :

- From the station :

By foot (10 minutes) : go straight right when you get out of the station (Boulevard de Metz), then turn left in Rue de Rosheim. At the end of Rue de Rosheim, go left in Rue de Wasselone. At the next crossing you will face a modern building on your left (the modern art museum) and on your right a white tower which is your hotel (star on the map).

By Bus (8-10 minutes) : Take bus 10 at the station toward "Gare centrale / Corbeau". Stop at "Musée d'Art Moderne" (3 stops).

By taxi (5 minutes) : A great number of taxis will be waiting for you at the station.

- From the conference :

By foot (10 minutes) : get out of the faculty from Rue Sainte-Elisabeth, turn left toward the entry of the Hopital Civil. Continue through Rue des Glacières. At its end, cross the street and go through the street next to the bar "Mac Carthy". Cross the river through the bridge "Barrage Vauban" (open from 7h15 to 21h00), you will arrive on the modern art museum place. Follow the river on your left, you will arrive at the hotel.

By bus (10 minutes) :  get out of the faculty from Rue Sainte-Elisabeth, turn right then left in rue Saint-Louis. Turn Left when you arrive at the river bank (Quai Finkwiller). Take bus 10 toward "Gare centrale / Brant" and stop at "Musée d'Art Moderne" (2 stops). You will be next to the Hotel.

b) To get to the conference (dentistry faculty, 8 Rue Sainte-Elisabeth) :

- From the Station : 

By foot (15 minutes) : Exit the station and go straight through Rue du Maire Kuss. Cross the bridge at the end of the street and go right on Quai Desaix. Follow the river bank, cross the beautiful bridge "Pont Couvert". You will arrive on Rue Finkwiller, turn right then immediatly left on Rue des Glacières. At the end of it, turn left in rue Sainte-Elisabeth after the Hotel "Les Haras". You're there.

By bus (10 minutes) : Take bus 10 at the stop toward "Gare centrale / Corbeau". Stop at "Saint Thomas Finkwiller" (5 stops). Follow Quai Finkwiller to the east and turn right to Rue Saint Louis after the corner restaurant "Bistrot des copains". At the end of this street go right, you will find the conference in Rue Sainte Catherine (red dot on the map).

- From the hotel : 

By foot (10 minutes): Go out of the hotel, go left and follow the river toward the ancien bridge. You will arrive on the modern art museum place. Cross the river through the bridge "Barrage Vauban" (open from 7h15 to 21h00). At its end, continue straight until the road crossing. cross the road and go through Rue des Glaciières. At the end of it, turn left in rue Sainte-Elisabeth after the Hotel "Les Haras". You're there.


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